Bringing The House Down – Rhythm & Speed Wrap-Up

We’re happy to report that MClub.La’s first co-hosted open house event was a blast! The day started with a gathering before the event. A fairly sizable and diverse group showed up, with BMW’s ranging from two Z3 Coupes up to a F10 M5. After some brief pre-rally hanging out, the group was off to our destination: Rhythm & Speed Automotive Performance.

Once we arrived, the service/performance center was all open doors. With a DJ setting the musical mood, and the garage filled with cars, we got to explore the shop’s history and purpose. The owner of Rhythm & Speed enlightened us to the fact that he himself is a huge performance car enthusiasts, and his mission is to bring top-notch personal service from someone as OCD as the rest of us car nuts. Adding to the awesomeness of the day, free tacos where made to order at the event, and our co-host Gaphix Design Haus launched their newest product, a complete seat belt replacement kit for the E46 M3 Coupe.

All in all it was a great day! A fun rally over, great atmosphere, and most importantly, a great group of people who share enthusiasm for driving and cars. If you’re in the Santa Monica/Westside area, stop by Rhythm & Speed and see what they are all about. If you’re looking to add some flair to your M3, be sure to checkout Gaphix Design Haus’ latest offering. As always, stay posted for more news about MClub.La activities and we look forward to future events with fellow enthusiasts! Happy Motoring!

Open House 4

The Original Launch Colors For The E46 M3…During BMW’s “Wild” Years…

Open House 2

No Meter Maids Allowed

Track Star


Open House 9

World’s-First Commercially Available Seat Belt Replacement Kit (BRK-343) For The BMW E46 M3 Coupe By Gaphix Design Haus

Open House 5

Lambo Lounge

Open House 7

Room For One More?

Open House 8

Heavy-Weight Champ

Rhythm & Speed Open House – Hosted by MClub.La & Gaphix Design Haus

June 8th 2013
Saturday June 8th, 11am – 3pm. Location: Rhythm & Speed (1934 Cotner Ave, West Los Angeles, Ca 90025)

MClub.La is pleased to announce that we are co-hosting an open house event at Rhythm & Speed Automotive Performance! Co-hosting the event with us is Gaphix Design Haus who will have an exclusive debut of a world’s first E46 M3 product! Come enjoy food, music, cars, and atmosphere at Rhythm & Speed, the service and performance shop for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts. Come get a shop tour and find out what Rhythm & Speed is all about, meet and share driving enthusiasm with MClub.La, and come checkout Gaphic Design Haus’ current and future M products. In keeping with our driving enthusiast nature, MClub.La will be hosting a rally to the event! Come on down this event is going to be HUGE!!!


*An exclusive launch of a world’s first E46 M3 product by GDH
*MClub.La Rally Drive to the Event
*Shop Tour of Rhythm & Speed

MClub.La Rally Info:

Meet Time: 10:15am
Departure Time: 10:45am

Rally Meeting Point: Home Depot (12975 West Jefferson Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA)

Destination: Rhythm & Speed (Google Maps)

A few reminders:

*Please observe the rules of the road
*No racing
*Please be respectful of the meeting location
*No Burnouts, donuts, or engine revving at the meet
*Bring a friendly attitude!

Spread the word all auto enthusiasts are welcome!

MClub.LA & EMK Collaborative Cruise

We are happy to report that the Cinco de Mayo cruise and brunch with Elitat Motor Kingdom was a great success! Despite Southern California’s burning mountains and inconsistent weather, we were able to bypass most of natures obstacles. While a few caravans had a pre-meet in various locations around Los Angeles, such as Supercar Sunday in Woodland Hills and Orange County, we all successfully rallied in Pacific Palisades prior to heading down PCH for a long drive before cruising up to Calabasas via Malibu Canyon.

After enjoying the cruise along PCH and into the canyons, we stopped for a late brunch at Wolf Creek Brewery, who had plenty of room for an impromptu car show (over 40 BMWs and classic muscle cars arrived for brunch). After eating, those that did not drink, rallied up Stunt Road to the Top of the World lookout and then through several of Malibu’s amazing canyon roads, eventually leading to the famous Mullholland Snake. Aside from two of the attendants receiving front plate tickets, the cruise and brunch otherwise were a great success. We’re looking forward to the next collaborative event with EMK as they were a great group to share the road with!

5/5/2013 Cinco De ///Mayo Cruise by MClub.La + EMK

MClub.La is pleased to announce our first joint cruise with the OC Car club Elitär Motor Kingdom! Come out for a nice cruise up PCH to Malibu Seafood for lunch!  We’re looking forward to an LA – OC joint cruise!

A few reminders:

*Please observe the rules of the road
*No racing
*Please be respectful of the meeting location
*No Burnouts, donuts, or engine revving at the meet
*Bring a friendly attitude!


LA Meet Time: 9am
LA Departure Time: 9:30am

LA Meeting Spot: Home Depot (Google Maps)


OC Meet Time: 8:15am
OC Departure Time: 9am

OC Meeting Spot: Best Buy, Tustin (Google Maps)


PCH Meet Time: 10am
PCH Departure Time: 10:40am

PCH Rally Point: Von’s on PCH

Lunch Destination: Malibu Seafood (Google Maps) *Due to the Camarillo fires we’ve updated the lunch destination*

We hope to see you there!

2012 Los Angeles International Auto Show Press Days: A Perspective

The 2012 LA Auto Show opened to the public this weekend, but fortunately I was able to attend the press days a few days prior to get the early scoop on the show and get highlights from the press launches. Virtually every major manufacturer was present, with strong showings from BMW, Audi, Toyota, and GM. BMW officially debuted the futuristic i8 Spyder concept in North America, while German rivals Mercedes-Benz used the event to launch their $400,000 SLS AMG Black Series.

There was no shortage of concept cars, for example, Lexus brought out their stunning LF-LC Blue concept, while Acura displayed their extraterrestrial-looking NSX Concept. Mercedes-Benz show what a future SUV might look like with their Ener-G-Force concept (which has headlamps that are in fact the letter “G”) and Honda brought out their surprisingly small EV-STER concept. Chevy and Cadillac also brought a few concept cars to display as well.

Noticeably absent again this year are Ferrari and Lamborghini, as in recent years they’ve made the Detroit Auto Show a priority and have opted for private customer events in LA. But with displays by Bentley (including their new Continental GT3 Concept), Saleen (Who brought a S7 and S7 Twin Turbo), Aston Martin (who brought the brand new Vanquish), and Porsche (who introduced the new Cayman and Cayman S), luxury sports cars where certainly well represented. From America Dodge SRT brought their 2013 Viper and Chevy displayed their C6 Corvette ZR1, the last of the C6 Corvettes as the next generation C7 Corvette is due early next year.

With over 40 vehicle debuts, journalists from all over the world documented the event and packed the press presentations. A personal highlight was bumping into renown journalist Chris Harris at the Porsche debut.

One of the major themes for this year was Eco-friendliness, and most of the concept displayed where in fact hybrids. Fisker displayed their impressive Karma which has very unique standard features which include a solar panel roof and massive 22 inch wheels. Many of the new cars launched featured improvements in MPG and in low-emissions.

Other notable vehicle presentations belong to Jaguar, for their presentation of their brand new F-Type and utterly insane XFR-S. Also, BMW made mention of their BMW Individual Program by bringing out a brand new 7-Series in Frozen White as well as discussing their i3 Concept.

In the Aftermarket and Tuner Showcase Hall, a lot of cars featured at SEMA where present. Notable cars in this hall where 2 fully chrome Mercedes and a Mosler MT-900. There is also a showing of BMW’s (which include a pristine E30 M3), a couple Ferrari 458 Italia’s and two Lamborghini Aventadors. Also of interest, a few of the 3-wheel T-Rex cycles  are on display.








Overall the press days were very impressive, with a great showing from many manufacturers of their current and concept models. The show this year is certainly worth checking out and it will surely delight hardcore petrol-heads and casual car fans alike. For more information, including exhibitor and show time information, check the LA Auto Show Website.

Traffic Ticket Pro’s Review

I don’t usually use a 3rd party service for fighting tickets, but then again, I don’t usually end up with 4 or more tickets within a few months span. Actually, I’ve had a pretty decent streak of good luck with contesting tickets, but that was short lived as the courts started to deny my written correspondences.

Anyway, fast forward to losing two of the tickets which I contested, I gave Traffic Ticket Pro’s a chance. They are a staple traffic ticket attorney’s office within the BMW community. Compared to a “cheaper” service that I’ve used in the past, Traffic Ticket Pro’s took the situation from A-Z. I e-mailed over my case information and signed a few documents and the issue was off my plate. Jason and the staff kept me informed on a weekly basis, so I always knew what was happening and they didn’t just sweep the case under the rug.

Tickets are being handed out like coupons these days, especially if you are driving a modified BMW. Make sure you always contest your ticket via written declaration or a 3rd party attorney. It’s worth the chance!

July 14th: M Rally and Beer Tasting at Stone Brewery

Join us for a exhilarating day of driving along the pacific coast, beer tasting at the Stone Brewery, and plenty of networking with M enthusiasts from all corners of Southern California. Details are below, and you can check out the event on Facebook.

We will begin the day bright and early on Saturday, July 14th, meeting at the Westwood Recreation Center at 9:00AM sharp. Heading down south, we will converge with the Orange County M chapter and continue our scenic trek down toward our destination in San Diego, Stone Brewery. Along the way, we will cruise along Route 73 to take in some of the scenic blessings OC has to offer, and then continue down Pacific Coast Highway to enjoy the nice ocean breeze.

START: 9:00 am
West LA meeting point @ Westwood Recreation Center
1381 S Sepulveda Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024 (Google Maps)

ROUTE 1: 405 To OC Rally Point, Irvine Spectrum South-East Lot (Under the freeway overpass)
Meeting Time For OC: ETA 10:15am – 10:30am
Enterprise Dr
Irvine, CA 92618 (Google Maps)

Lots of options here. Possibly the 73 because its a beautiful ride.

END: 12 noon
Stone Brewery in Escondido
1999 Citracado Parkway
Escondido, CA 92029 (Google Maps)

Lunch, cruise and good times. This is part of a monthly car cruise and it has turned out to be a really good time – if you went to June’s meet you know it was a BLAST!!! Our thoughts are that we bought these cars to drive them, so that’s what we do!

MClub Arrive & Drive June 2012 Recap

Sponsored by MiniCorsaSponsored by Scott Chu PhotographySponsored by Speed District Track EventsSponsored by Traffic Ticket Pros

After our inaugural Arrive & Drive event in March, many enthusiasts and friends expressed interest in a followup event… so at 8am on Saturday, June 2nd (thanks to our platinum sponsor, Minicorsa, as well as sponsors Speed District, and Traffic Ticket Pros for their awesome support), a group of sleepy-eyed racers gathered under a blue desert sky and prepared for a day filled with adrenaline-pumping driving, music, comraderie, and scorching heat. Once everyone had consumed their fill of delicious doughnuts and coffee, the drivers donned their helmets and headed to the starting grid for a brief driver download. By 9:30am, the first run group was out warming up the tires and testing out the track.

At the inaugural Arrive & Drive event in March, a few racers mentioned that they would have enjoyed a little more track time prior to the Grand Prix event. Building on that critique, Josh Brozen stepped up to the plate and created a brilliant (and exquisitely detailed) track schedlue, providing each of the four run groups with two 20 minute practice sessions each before lunch and by two “qualifying” sessions in the afternoon – all before the Grand Prix event. As the day progressed, the smiles everyones faces was all the feedback we needed to know Josh’s plan was truly genious.

As the last morning practice session tore around the track, our chefs for the day, Mark and Matthew, fired up the grill. The stiff winds posed an interesting challenege to our aspiring grillmasters, but with the assistance of several helpful racers, the hot juicy hamburgers and hotdogs began piling up just as the final practice sessions came to an end. Lunch was enhanced with the smooth sounds of DJ PJ on the 1s and 2s, and by 1pm everyone was rested and ready to begin afternoon qualifying sessions!

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MClub LA Arrive & Drive Karting Track Day Returns!

See you on the track!!

The last Arrive & Drive event was so successful, we’re doing it again! June 2nd is just around the corner so make sure to purchase your tickets today!

More event details here.

Ojai Run with 10/Tenths Lifestyle

This past Saturday, we had the privilege of joining a group of Motorsport enthusiasts for a 10/tenths driving day. Because my beloved M3 is recovering from a recent track day, I elected to ride shotgun and bring you the adventure through my lens.

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