Thermal Track Attack


After an awesome Lamborghini event on Friday, how did we top off our weekend? With a BMW M track day at Thermal Race Club on Sunday of course! New Century BMW was kind enough to sponsor a day of M Performance School driving and we were glad to get a chance to properly test out (More)

Track Attack

LP750-4 SV

With all of the latest car news out there, we got to thinking about an ultimate-track showdown. So, let’s pose this question: You have 1 day at the track and 1 new track toy to choose from…which do you choose? 1) McLaren P1 GTR 2) Aston Martin Vulcan 3) Ferrari FXX K 4) Lamborghini LP750-4 (More)

2014 Highlights


As 2014 comes to a close, here’s a few highlights from this past year we’d thought we’d share. We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. See you all in 2015. -M Club LA Team

August Lifestyle M Drive Event Recap


Sunday, August 31st, 2014. The morning air is filled with the sounds of engines and exhaust notes as cars from all over gather for another amazing Supercar Sunday show. Cars from America, Japan, Europe and elsewhere gathered in celebration of the So Cal car culture. But this particular Supercar Sunday there was a special gathering (More)

Membership Info


Are you interested in joining us on our private lifestyle and drive events? Then join our mailing list! You can find information on our Facebook Page, Instagram, or you can email our events coordinator for information about membership and our exclusive events. If you are a part of another club or organization, please let us (More)

M Club LA Welcomes You


We are Motorsport Club Los Angeles. Based in the Greater Los Angeles area of beautiful Southern California, M Club LA was founded by passionate motorsports enthusiasts. M Club LA is a place for enthusiasts to share in their collective passion for cars and automotive lifestyle events. We are only defined by our guiding goal: To (More)